" I thoroughly recommend this book, and believe

it is as deserving of recognition as Patterson, Laurence,

Lawson, and Hardy."


Ray Mooney (award winning novelist, and screenwriter)



" If you have an idea, the chances are extremely high

someone else has already had it. But in relation to

your wonderful stories, Eugene: the way you have

written most, to my knowledge, has definitely not

been done before."



Chester Eagle (Australian Literary Critic, Essayist, Novelist,

and Composer.  (10 Oct. 1933 – 6 May 2021).



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" When Eugene asked me to write the introduction to this collection, I was a bit hesitant as I expected the kind of polemics, along the lines of some of his spirited essays. But, boy - was I mistaken!


I read one of the stories in this book, Lest We Forget, and was hooked in. I thought: whether I write this introduction or not, right now, I just want to read more of these stories!


Lest We Forget is a short, pithy snatch-and-grab robbery yarn with a gentle, almost Hitchcockian Psycho-twist about halfway through, closing with a strong and satisfying moral resolution."

Joe Dolce ( Award winning poet, composer and reviewer. Contributing editor of Quadrant Magazine)