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     Let's  Blame  the  Jews 

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         Jewish and other writers who rightfully condemn the Nazis, have described Hitler's hatred of Jews as "antisemitism," which I believe is incorrect. Nazism brought together the false idea of "racial" antisemitism: that Jews were inferior by virtue of their race. The inferiority slur assigned to Jews is just as phoney as saying they belong to a race. Far from being inferior, Jews have had a profound influence on Western Civilization. Much of this influence comes from values that were transmitted to Christianity, which developed from Jewish roots. Jesus of Nazareth, his disciples, and the first leaders of the Christian Church were mostly Jews. Far from being inferior, Jews are accounted to be one of the three major influences along with the Renaissance and the Greeks, contributing to the foundations of art, philosophy, morality, literature.


So, what exactly is a Jew? A Jew is anyone who identifies as being part of a religious and/or cultural tradition that historically runs through their family, or have inherited it through marriage, or because they decided to convert, none of which require race as a prerequisite, similar to Catholicism and Islam. There are Japanese Jews, Chinese Jews, black Jews, white Jews and so on.


A brief look at Nazi Race Theory, reveals how false it is. And like all totalitarian propaganda, is designed to generate resentment by creating a convenient scapegoat. Nazi Race Theory is in fact the precursor to left-wing "Woke" ideology, which, in 2022, is primarily based on the doctrine of Critical Race Theory, a radical doctrine that focuses on race as the key to understanding society, which objectifies individuals and groups, not only in the present, but historically. It then sets out to expose their privileges and inner-demons, imposing harsh consequences on those who refuse - before the eyes of an indoctrinated collective - to admit their present and intergenerational guilt. CRT is primarily, but not exclusively, focused on people of Caucasian descent.


Woke transformation into a byword of social awareness likely started in 2008, with the release of Erykah Badu’s song Master Teacher:


February will mark the ten-year anniversary of Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part One. A prescient, even prophetic, album, its single largest contribution to our political vocabulary comes on the song “Master Teacher,” which includes as part of its hook the mantra “I stay woke.” The refrain revitalized the pro-black meaning of the word woke — a usage introduced in the mid-20th century — for a new generation. (Jonah E. Bromwich. Vulture Magazine. January 31st, 2018).


Coincidently, in a later interview with Vulture Magazine, in an article entitled In Conversation with Erykah Badu (February, 2018), she spoke sympathetically of Adolf Hitler and Louis Farrakhan, a fanatical Islamist who has been described as "America's foremost antisemite" and on occasions has called Hitler "a very great man" (


Erykah Badu’s song contains the verse:


Everybody knows a black or a white

there's creatures in every shape and size

Everybody (I stay woke).


What Woke American leftism sets out to do is to metaphorically identify those "creatures in every shape and size," inside white and also Jewish people, whilst denying their existence, contemporarily or historically, in people of colour. It's at this point where rationality ends and bigotry begins. It is also the Nexus where Woke intersects with Nazi ideology. For example: A common misconception in the congregations of the American Woke, is that the majority of black on black, or black on white, or black on Jewish crimes only occur because of white and/or Jewish supremacy, that strips African Americans of their dignity and economic opportunities. So, when a "person of colour" does something wrong, or even Evil, it is primarily not their fault, but the fault of those "white and Jewish devils" not because they individually bear some provable responsibility for the injustices of the past, but because they happened to be white or Jewish, a conclusion also shared by the Nazis in relation to Jews and other minorities. The Nazis, for example, blamed the Jews for robbing Germans of their dignity and economic opportunities. In 1938, the German government issued a Decree on the Banning of the Jews from Economic Life (Verordnung zur Ausschaltung der Juden aus dem deutschen Wirtschaftsleben). The decree forbid Jews from operating retail stores ( This led to an increase in crimes against individual Jews and Jewish businesses, which culminated in Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass): a pogrom against Jews carried out mostly by a brainwashed German citizenry. This was a crime, but for "the greater good," and so the National Socialist authorities looked on without intervening, and in some cases, even assisted. There is a Woke parallel to this in those riots that swept across several American States in 2020, when Woke mobs burnt down businesses, assulted, and on occasions murdered anyone who attempted to stop them, as the police stood by and did little or nothing. Many Leftist politicians condoned the violence and looting:

Mainstream media and liberal politicians have done everything they could to soften the optics of the disgusting destruction of thousands of businesses across the U.S. (Townhall "Leftist Media and Politicians Incited Race Riots." June 3rd, 2020)

Jewish-owned buildings and stores were also defaced with anti-Jewish slogans, looted and in some cases, destroyed. Across the street from Beth El, the Kosher Mensch Bakery and Kitchen and the Jewish-owned clothing store Go Couture were destroyed. Stores on the fashionable Melrose Avenue, on the district’s northern border, also were damaged, as were multiple Jewish institutions in the area (The Times of Israel. June 3rd, 2020).


It is odd, all things considered, why people who hate Jews are considered "antisemites," including Arabs - who are Semites! This fact has escaped most people, including bigots, many of whom mock Jews primarily because they believe Jews killed Christ and are involved in a secret conspiracy to rule the world by manipulating socio-economic activities in pursuit of such a goal.


Hitler is often depicted as the most resentful antisemite who ever lived. But that isn't true. During WW2 his regime collaborated with several Islamic (semitic) regimes, who, like Hitler, were fanatically anti-Jewish and anti-democratic, and, consequently, were also involved in acts of genocide in Europe against the Jews and Caucasians . During World War II, members of the Muslim Brotherhood spied for Hitler's Nazis and fought as Nazi troops in two Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar Divisions. "Handschar" is German for scimitar, the curved saber used by Islamic troops of the Ottoman Empire. (


The highest ranking Muslim at the time was involved in the Romanian Holocaust/Porajmos. Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who according to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (Edition 1990, Volume 2, Pages 706 and 707), made a substantial contribution to the Axis war effort by organizing "in record time" recruitment to Muslim SS units in Croatia that would be involved in some of the worse atrocities of the Second World War.


Like all Socialists and Islamists, Hitler was no lover of Freedom, Democracy or the Rule of Law. He respected Islamists because they imposed their power on others "with a sword," which, I suspect, is one of the reasons why Louis Farrakhan admired him. A famous anecdote about Hitler's perspectives towards Islam is recounted by Albert Speer - the Nazi Minister of Armaments (1942/1945), in his best-selling book, Erinnerungen, "Memories" (Inside the Third Reich) when he wrote that:


Arabs who assisted the Reich in fighting the British for possession of the Middle East were treated with honour and respect. Mufti Amin al-Husseini, "was granted honorary Aryan status by the Nazis for his close collaboration with Hitler and the Third Reich". (David G, Dalin John F. Rothmann. Icon of Evil. Random House. 2008).


Socialists (collectivists) in general, Left or Right, are all by definition ethical totalitarians, in other words "moral relativists" antithetical to the principles of the Enlightenment. Their common trait being that all need scapegoats and purport to act against them for the greater Good: to do Evil if necessary, for the sake of Good: one of the most malevolent motives in human history, used by tyrants, especially socialists, which last century alone were responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people. For example, an estimate of the number of people killed by the Khmer Rouge Socialists alone is around 1.2 and 1.6 million. Pol Pot passionately believed - like most left-wing apparatchiks and Nazi sociopaths - what he was doing was for the "greater good" and that "his conscience is clear over the suffering and death of more than a million people during his rule" ( east/14613.stm). The postmodern Marxist theorist Saul Alinsky, outlined a variant of this methodology in his book Rules for Radicals, when he wrote that “In action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind.”


Why do anti-Jews believe the Jews are involved in a diabolical plot to rule the world? Primarily because they actually believe that because Jews are found on all sides of politics (academia, business and banking) that this indicates a conspiracy. "It's in their holy books, isn't it?" So, it must be true! But if you were to look in the Bible or the Koran, you would find passages of scripture that advocate a similar sectarian conspiracy to rule. Luckily, most religious people - including Jews - who have not completely lost their marbles, have put these passages in their proper historical context, and do not act as if they are literally true, given the time and circumstances in which they were written. But then, the anti-Jews tell us: Jews are also part of the World Economic Forum, and there were many Jews in leadership positions in the old Soviet Union, and not only that, they financed it! Hense "they" are obviously conspiring, "on both sides." This propensity to blame the Jews is scapegoating at its best, and all of course, for the greater good. But let's look a little closer at the rationale anti-Jews use and how it measures up to the truth.


There are Jews who are part of and support the World Economic Forum. But numerically, many of the participants and supporters are Caucasian and every other colour under the sun! WEC leader Klaus Schwab’s father Eugen Wilhelm Schwab, was a Nazi official who espoused many of the same ideas regurgitated by his son ( Again, are we to assume, that because Schwab's father was a Nazi and white, that the WEF is a white Nazi plot to rule the world? It seems more likely than a Jewish one. All this serves to illustrate just how ridiculous the Anti-Jew conspiracy theories are. The WEF may very well have a plan to rule the world, but it is not exclusively Jewish or white, but more of an arrangement between individual leaders from almost every country on earth, along with some of the biggest multinational corporations and banks, to reset the world's economy. Race has nothing to do with it.


Harvard Professor Anthony Sutton in Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (1974), studied the financial and industrial collaborations between the US, Europe and the Soviet Union, and revealed that Jews did not constitute the majority of financiers of the Revolution, nor were they members of the Bolshevik regime because they were Jews. He names each of the banks and the principal bankers involved, and substantiates his findings with official government letters, newspaper articles and primary source documentation. In one of his earlier works Military Aid to The Soviet Union (1973), Sutton names the industrialists involved, almost none of whom were Jewish. Sutton also wrote another book called Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976) which basically illustrated that the same banking and industrial forces helped put Hitler into power. So the anti-Jews would have us believe that Jews financed Hitler so he could wage war against them and kill between 2 and 6 million of their fellow Jews? Really?


If we take this anti-Jew logic to its natural conclusions, then any conspiracy to rule the world can be proved "numerically" to be true. The Nazis, for example, were mostly white, so, according to this logic, Nazism must have been a white Christian plot to rule the world? On this point alone we can see how irrational this logic is. Why? Because white people also opposed the Nazis and helped to defeat them, along with the Italian and Japanese fascists. Jews and Christians also made up the ranks of the Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and fought both the Nazis AND the Russian Bolsheviks when they invaded Poland during WW2. In the Soviet Union, there were many Russian Jews who opposed Lenin, his henchman Stalin and the brutal head of the Red Army, Leon Trotsky (a Jew):


Great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova once recalled that in her everyday life, her circle of friends didn’t know who was a Jew and who wasn’t. It just didn’t feel right to ask. Jewish authors were harshly persecuted by Stalin" (


Ilya Ehrenburg, was a dissident writer during the Marxist reign of terror. He was lucky to escape the Bolshevik butcher brigades, but "his Jewish peers and friends, Isaac Babel, Osip Mandelstam and Solomon Mikhoels fell prey to the totalitarian regime and were executed "(ibid).


Today, in 2022, the Western Woke Establishment, are becoming more anti-Jew. This is primarily because Israel is the ONLY democratic (FREE) nation in the Middle East, and democracy is something the Left Establishment hate, and thus their legacy media continues to ramp up the injustices committed against Palestinians by Jews, many calling for the destruction of Israel, which is often described as an apartheid or racist state, whilst overlooking the amount of terrorist attacks made against Israel. There are, by way of contrast, thousands of Palestinian and other Arabs who live in Israel, and work as Judges, politicians, business people, policeman and serve in the Israeli Army. Something your average anti-Jew shit-for-brains won't mention. Like in most countries, Israel too has its share of racist ignoramuses (extremist Zionist agitators), who need to be criticized and opposed - but not to the extent of destroying Israel.


Those who advocate, in one breath, for freedom and democracy, and in their next, call for the destruction of Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East - do not serve either freedom or democracy, but those forces that wish to eradicate both from the face of the earth, based on antiquated racist, political or religious mythologies and superstitions, and their desire for these to take precedence over Enlightenment values. In Israel, such values still exist:


There is nothing stopping any cultural community living in a civic (free) Western nation, including Israel, from practising the traditions of their culture and religion, as long as such practices do not interfere with the rights, freedom and safety of fellow citizens which is guaranteed under the law. This is one of the primary reasons the West has been so successful and prosperous; why people from all cultures and races migrate to the West and seldom away from it. In other words, the freedom they enjoy also comes with a responsibility to recognise the freedom and rights of others in their community, regardless of religion, culture or skin colour." (Quadrant Magazine. Western Civilization and its Irrational Critics /2021/05).


What anti-Jews do not realize (or perhaps they do) is that the Arabic regimes who oppose Israel, also as a matter of principal, oppose freedom and democracy. So, when those dimwits advocate for the destruction of Israel, they are also advocating for the destruction of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. In many Islamic countries today – particularly those whose leaders speak with such righteous indignation and racist contempt against Israel and "Jews" - free speech is considered anathema, along with freedom of religion. Christians and others who live in these countries are now not only subjected to an exorbitant tax - as demanded by the Koran - but are forbidden to build churches, proselytize and congregate:


Some background is necessary. The Jizya has its origins in the Qur'an (9:29 Surah al-Tawbah) under which 'people of scripture' (Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and Sabean-Mandeans) paid a tax in exchange of being able to practice their religion" (Luke D. Pulford. The Spectator UK. 5 Sept/2016).


Can you imagine the virtue signaling and crocodile tears that would flow if Israel instigated a similar policy against citizens who were not religious Jews? One is tempted to ask: why do the United Nations and other so-called defenders of human rights, not exercise the same amount of condemnation against these discriminatory and brutal Islamic regimes they exercise against Israel? Who cry out in indignation when Arab civilians are caught in the crossfire between the Israeli Army and ISIS, Hamas, or Taliban terrorists, but remain mute when it comes to flagrant acts of extortion, cultural and religious discrimination and genocide within many Islamic regimes – against Christian and other communities? So, lets look for the sources of this anti-Jewish bigotry in the United Nations itself...


There are 193 countries that make-up the United Nations. 46 of the 49 Muslim-majority countries are members. There are also 9 other member countries who do not have a democratic system of government. The current President of the United Nations is Abdulla Shahid who served as the Speaker of the People’s Majlis of the Maldives. Consequently "the People’s Majlis is prohibited from making any law that contravenes the tenets of Islam" i.e. Sharia Law (


The Secretary General of the United Nations is António Guterres, a leading member of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. He is also a Marxist. In 1974 he joined the Portuguese Socialist Party and later became President of the Socialist International: a coalition of radical left-wing woke political parties which in 2018 directed its members to boycott and sanction Israel (

So, we have an international organization whose membership consists of 55 countries that are not democratic, 43 of whose legal systems are based on Sharia Law and hostile to Israel. The President of this organization is an Islamist and its Secretary General, a Woke Marxist. It is obvious that their attitude towards Israel would be hostile on ideological grounds alone, which, as I will illustrate, is confirmed by evidence as it relates to the United Nations Islamic member states.


For a start, lets look at life in many of these states, for Christian and other communities, which are regulated according to the tenets of Sharia Law. For example, It is stated in the Koran that non-Muslims who live in Muslim countries must pay a tax (Jizya) for such a privilege, which in itself is discriminatory, because it does not apply to Muslims. Like the Mafia, Islamists tell their kafir citizens (people who do not follow the tenets of Islam) that they must pay a tax for 'protection' - even though the main threat to their livelihood and safety is, of course, from Islamists! The consequences for Christians and others if they fail to cough up the tax and/or continue to practice their religion, is mass expulsion, torture, and in an increasing number of cases a policy of open GENOCIDE, that has so far claimed more than 200,000 lives and has seen Christians and other faith-based communities driven from their homes, and worse:


"Pervasive persecution of Christians, sometimes amounting to genocide, is ongoing in parts of the Middle East, and has prompted an exodus in the past two decades, according to a report commissioned by the British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Millions of Christians in the region have been uprooted from their homes, and many have been killed, kidnapped, imprisoned and discriminated against, the report finds. It also highlights discrimination across south-east Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and in east Asia – often driven by state authoritarianism. “The inconvenient truth,” the report finds, is “that the overwhelming majority (80%) of persecuted religious believers are Christians”. (The Guardian. Friday 3 May 2019).


Are you beginning to get the picture? Presently, the great majority of countries that comprise the Middle East, (the Muslim-Arab world) are Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Then we have Israel, a tiny speck of a country the Jews decided to settle, after being slaughtered in their millions, which comprises a whopping less than 0.1% of the landmass of the Arab-Islamic dominated Middle East, most of whom oppose Israel.


Israel is also unique because it is the only democracy in the Middle East, where people of all religions are free to practice their faith. The Christian churches own a significant part of Jerusalem, including the land on which the Knesset sits. Christians can move anywhere, even building a number of churches recently in Tel Aviv. Further, Israel is the only Middle Eastern country where the Christian population has grown in the last half-century. It was Israel that first alerted the world to the genocidal practices being carried out in the Islamic world, who offered asylum and citizenship to many of the Christian victims and has been the most outspoken critic of such policies, for obvious historical reasons:


"World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Monday addressed a large gathering of Christians at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena in which he spoke out forcefully against the slaughter of Christians across the Middle East and in Africa. “When hundreds of thousands of Christians – men, women and children – are killed, this isn’t war. This is genocide. And we Jews know what happens when the world is silent to genocide.” Lauder urged Jews and Christians to join forces: “Together, we must speak as one and tell the world: no more discrimination, no more terror, and no more silence" (


The Israeli government safeguards the Christian holy places and is lenient on the right of return of Christian refugees. Since 1967, Christian, Islamic and Jewish holy sites are open to pilgrims of all religions. These realities clearly demonstrate the intercultural, democratic nature of Israeli society, which is not perfect, but still radically different from most of those authoritarian Islamic regimes that encircle it.


Jews today find themselves targeted in Europe by elements of the extreme Right, an increasingly hostile totalitarian Woke Left Establishment, and many Islamic groups. Israel is surrounded on all sides by hostile Arab countries, most of whom have vowed to oversee its destruction and the destruction of Jews as an ethnic community. In an interview with Talaat Mohamed Afifi Salem Egypt’s Minister of Religious Endowments on the 14th of March 2013, when...


Asked by the interviewer whether he would “visit Israel with a Palestinian visa,” the minister said: "This is premature. Let’s wait till it happens. However, we hope that the words of the Prophet Muhammad will be fulfilled: Judgement Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees, but the rocks and the trees will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him '" (Washington, D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute).


And finally, this charming statement of intent on Radio Al Mayadeen a pan-Arabist satellite television channel launched on 11 June 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon, which speaks for almost all the Arab regimes in the Middle East:


Our main enemy, not as Palestinians but as Arabs and Muslims, is Israel and the Israeli occupation ... If [Arab] mobilization would begin for the liberation of Jerusalem; if money [spent] and swords drawn in the face of the Zionist enemy, that would be great ... Until now we don’t have nuclear weapons. Believe me, if we had nuclear weapons we would use them tomorrow morning." (Lebanon, May 1, 2013. times of


Meanwhile, apologists in Australia, Europe and elsewhere, look on and say little or nothing, as men, women and children of minority ethnic and religious faiths are persecuted and butchered in neighbouring Islamic countries, in tens of thousands, which include reports of disembowelment and beheading whilst the perpetrators chant "God is great!" and the Woke Left remain mute:


Muslims beheading Christians was a visibly growing spectacle throughout the month of August. Islamic State [IS] militants cut off a Christian man's head—after compelling him to say the shahada, the Islamic profession of faith" (


Most Jews are aware of the dubious history and murderous intent of those hostile regimes that surround them, and of the lying, stereotypical – and often disgusting – propaganda directed against them from elements of the extreme Right and the majority of the Woke Establishment Left (Marxists). With the Holocaust still fresh in their collective memory, what would you be thinking dear reader, if you were a Jew living in Israel who wanted to protect your home and family? What would your solutions be?


© 2022 Eugene Alexander Donnini

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