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Racism   & 


      Marxism and Nazism are based on a limited interpretation of monotheism, directly tied to the implicit conviction that there is only One Truth that is single, unique, and beyond the scope of science and human reason. For Marxists this is the pseudo-scientific metanarrative doctrine of dialectical materialism, which, for them, is an irrefutable law that underlies all human socioeconomic development, that postulates the inferiority and superiority of economic classes. Consider, for example, the Critical Race Theory of today's contemporary Left Establishment, which focuses on segregation according to race and privilege.  For the Nazis it was also an irrefutable doctrine of racial superiority. In fact, in so far as their methodologies are concerned, these two totalitarian ideologies have more in common than not.  Nazi policies labelled centuries-long residents in German territory who were not ethnic Germans such as Jews, Poles, Serbs, Russians etc., and most non-Europeans as inferior non-Aryan subhuman in a racial hierarchy that placed the Herrenvolk ("master race") of the Volksgemeinschaft ("people's community") at the top as superior to others. Marxists and Nazis viewed themselves as "victims" of a particular race, religion or class. In both ideologies, postulating such ideas as we shall see, because of their very nature, lead to an almost inhuman xenophobia. In other words, the joint conditions necessary to justify an absolute intolerance directed against those who, not holding to The Truth, have fallen into error, an error which is absolute and against which every form of constraint and exclusion, may be used, and in the past, has been used by both sides with catastrophic consequences which resulted in the deaths of between 110 and 130 million men, women and children. Nice going comrades!


A belief that one holds a monopoly on Truth, as these last two centuries have illustrated, opens the doors to inquisitions and massacres. Consider the Marxist-Soviet Holodomor which led to the genocide of ten million Russian and Ukrainian Christians. Consider the Nazi German genocide of almost six million Jews and other ethnic minorities. And consider today, how many of the inheritors to these two abhorrent doctrines still blame each other for these atrocities and base it on the concept of race. "The Holodomor was committed by those awful Communist Jews," says the extreme Right, whilst the Left cry " the Nazi holocaust is the fault of those awful White Christians." The reality of course, is that the communists were not all Jews and the Nazis were not all Christians.


Forms of totalitarianism in history be they are based on religious, atheistic or racist predispositions, or a combination of all three, devalue "the other" in favour of the completely other. Thereby erasing differences between individuals, peoples and groups being made to appear secondary. Totalitarianism attempts to eliminate this sense of difference by forcing the other to conform to it or face condemnation for a failure to comply. Totalitarianism is based fundamentally on the refusal to recognize the other, instead of which we are given a theory proclaiming the end of history (Heaven on Earth or some sort of mono-racist Utopia) that postulates temporal homogeneity and the total destruction of the movement of history set off by humanity's cultural diversity.


And what about racist theories? How do they corelate? The principal characteristics of these theories and the one most open to criticism is their reductionism. The notion of race is one which comes out of the systems of classification developed in the natural science. Racism is simply a form of biological reductionism which displays those disparate characteristics that distinguishes one race from another and are thus in other words specifically human.


So race becomes an essence which is static, and history with all its rich transformations is no longer anything but a reflection of interplay among a menagerie of static essences: a unilateralism with the aim of explaining the past in the most simplistic terms as the influence of race and racial antagonisms. By so doing racist doctrines take their place among and within those doctrines of totalitarianism which implicitly assert the primacy of theoretical thought and thus postulate the existence of a global model, based on a one size fits all idealism to account for things, of a universal key or grammar, be it race, sexuality, economics, climate or whatever.


In this sense, racism today is an integral part of the new contemporary left-wing corporate fascism. Classical Marxism once brought everything back to a question of class, whilst today's Woke Left (like their historical cousins the Nazis) bring it back to a question of race as Critical Race Theory. The notion in classical Marxism of classes as "objectively" superior or inferior to other classes because of their flowing within the mainstream of history has today been married to the postmodernist notion of  corresponding races being objectively superior or inferior to others.


To speak of biological inferior or superior races is a two-fold absurdity. Because such poppycock implies the existence of some universal cultural point of reference, without which such differences cannot be graded. Any reference point that might, I reiterate, be used as a criterion is nothing more or less than a projection of a particular system of values or ideology.


Further, to talk thus would amount to freezing in a trans-historical absolute relation entities which are by their very nature relative, in other words the dynamic qualities of peoples and individuals is denied and suppressed - which is what totalitarianism does - and thus turned into platonic entities with unilaterally conferred coefficiencies of superiority and inferiority.


There is another form of racism that is common to totalitarianism, which by contrast to the racism of exclusion is called the racism of assimilation. The former consists of suppression, whilst the latter, more insidiously denies that which makes for "otherness." The racism of assimilation destroys the basis of the life of a people, by dissolving the special foundations of its institutions, beliefs, social, cultural and moral values, by dispossessing it of its historical identity and heritage. 


There needs to be a distinction drawn here between cultural "integration" (based on free choice) that occurs in democratic societies and the forced assimilation that is common to totalitarian or collectivist societies in general. In democratic Enlightenment based free societies, people are at liberty to practice their cultural beliefs and traditions providing they do no harm to their fellow citizens (who may hold different beliefs). This is not the case in totalitarian societies, where subject populations are told that religions, cultures and systems of thought and commerce that do not correspond to the dictates of the regime, need to be suppressed and eradicated, which as history illustrates has led to acts of genocide unprecedented in human history.


There is another kind of racism which is the belief that all cultures have an eminent value, with the exception of one's own. Here the racist mechanism is different and does not involve a refusal of the other but of one's self! In other words one leaves the legitimate field of alterophilia and enters the field of alteromania, where one professes the love of every other culture on earth, except one's own. Alterophobia, in this case, instead of being directed outward is directed inward. A typical case of alteromania (self hate) for example, is the spectacle represented by those researchers who worry about the loss of tradition among the Australian Aborigines, but maintain a marble-like passivity when faced with the erosion of their own collective identities, which suggests to them that this identity is a matter of indifference at best, and at worse, something to be reviled, resented and rejected.


The promotion of this alteromanical  mindset (which runs rampant through the ranks of the Woke Left and today's cowardly literati ) was part of the Frankfurt School's arsenal when it came to inventing ways of destroying a free people's confidence in themselves, their culture and civilization by instilling in them a sense of collective guilt, where the blame for past wrongs is shifted from those who committed them, and directed at people who happened, by accident of birth, to be born with the same skin shade as the original perpetrators. Here we have a clear case of both alteromania (against one's own culture) and alterophilia (excessive affection for the culture of "the other") operating simultaneously in the mindset and ideology of the Woke Left.


Consider the phenomenon that is more and more recognized as The Great Replacement, which consists of the importation into the West of countless millions of economic refugees, and as the latest statistics suggest,  is changing the cultural and racial composition of Europe itself. The burdens  this Replacement is placing on indigenous European communities is catastrophic, along with the hypocrisy of the mostly "white"  Corporate Left Establishment who are promoting it at a time when this Establishment is literally destroying the energy grids (life support systems) of European nations and their colonies, to fight "climate change." But I'm yet to read any paper or legislation that is critical of this development and willing to address the following questions: "Why institute policies of mass, unregulated migration into countries that are presently enduring unprecedented socioeconomic hardships and are expected to endure even more? And how exactly does the importation of millions of people, contribute to solving climate change?" You won't get any kind of rational answer to these questions, because there are none! I'm sure these Marxist hoodwinkers  have several reasons for doing what they are doing, and prominent among them, if you listen to their policy speeches,  is  alteromania and alterophilia, which are associated with elitist guilt for the sins of past generations. This is racism, and it makes a mockery of their claims to be fighting climate change, when these very policies, according to their own logic, can only exacerbate it.


People should not be judged - in the past or present - by the colour of their skin, but as individuals, for the consequences of their actions.  It is Evil and unjust that they should have to shoulder and pay for the guilt of others, with whom they have no practical and realistic relationship apart from the colour of their skin. This racist methodology beats in the heart of totalitarianism and is dangerous and toxic to all people of whatever colour, and precisely why  totalitarianism - Left and Right - is Evil and intrinsically anti-human.



© 2021 Eugene Alexander Donnini

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