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The Great Left Conspiracy




          This essay looks at the connections between individuals and organizations that attended and supported Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a coronavirus pandemic. The following pages will present a body of evidence, that establishes a connection between individuals and organizations who are globally and ideologically interlinked and are together manipulating the pandemic as a means by which to impose a broader left-wing globalist agenda on the world – especially the Western world. (Quotes from Event 201 participants including audible video footage in this essay can be accessed on their website: centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/).


Everywhere you look these days, the Left is siding with the Establishment against the people (and in many countries in fact are the Establishment), and doing everything in their power to support and promote their ideological cohorts in Big Business, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government.


At street level, the Left's absence from the massive anti-lockdown protests occurring in Western nations is obvious, along with their support for the introduction of more draconian measures and their contributions to a barrage of Mainstream Media and Big Tech lies and censorship, that dismiss protesters as anti-vaxxers and extreme right-wing fanatics. Far Left propaganda rags and mainstream media broadsheets both push this same deceitful narrative. The Guardian (Sept 4, 2020) for example refers to protestors as "part of a shifting coalition of conspiracist and far-right groups" likening them to Nazis and fascists, whilst the radical Trotskyite Red Flag (25 July 2021) says anti-lockdown protestors are "a horrifying spectacle" who are "under the influence of a range of right-wing Trumpian anti-science conspiracy crap," whilst The Green Left (26 July 2021) describes the anti-lockdown protestors as:


a mix of Australia flag waving racist neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, anti-vaxxers, anti-testers, members of the religious right, people flying the Eureka flag, people who don’t think COVID-19 is real (and other conspiracy theories) and self-proclaimed “libertarians.”


While there may have been a few elements of the extreme Left and Right at these protests - as there are at most protests - they were not indicative of the great majority who took part.


The protests I attended were composed of mums, dads, kids, the unemployed, the elderly, the homeless, those in fear of losing their small businesses and their homes because of an inability to pay the rent or mortgage, and many who didn't have enough money to put food on their tables. The fear most shared in common was the collapse of their life support systems, government control over their bodies (mandatory vaccination) and the loss of civil and constitutional rights. Coincidently many protestors I spoke to had already been vaccinated. In short, they were not anti-vaxxers.




We have been led to believe that anyone who criticizes or questions official Leftist policy at whatever level - from the campus to the corporation - is a conspiracy theorist of sorts. In other words, that what they are saying is irrational and unsubstantiated nonsense. This narrative is consistently promoted in order to censor and silence debate and criticism and is the methodology that underlies ad hominem attacks on individuals and organizations that challenge or criticize the way the pandemic is being handled.


This then raises the question: are all conspiracy theories irrational and false? The answer is no. In fact, conspiracies occur all the time. The pages of history are littered with them and many are valid. So what is a conspiracy? Initially, it came from the Latin word conspirare which means to agree, to plot, or conspire.

Conspiracies often indicate an association between groups and individuals to further their own political ends. On March 44.BC, Julius Caesar declared himself dictator perpetuo of the Roman Empire. There was a conspiracy by him and his cohorts to overthrow the Senate and impose dictatorial rule, in other words, they got together and had a little tête-à-tête. One can find countless examples of conspiracies in history: the Bolshevik Revolution; the Subprime Lending Fiasco, the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, and the Bush Administration's decision to invade Iraq. Obama too would have had to conspire with his Administration before violating the US Constitution by going to war against the sovereign nation of Libya without Congressional approval. To arrive at this position he would have also had to consult the US Military, NATO, Wall Street, the mainstream media, and several oil companies. So, when you boil it down, the word "conspiracy" is not the real issue, it's the credibility of the related events that matter when examined in the light of evidence and reason.




With this in mind, there is a ton of evidence that illustrates Event 201, was part of a broader globalist Left conspiracy, and not as the mainstream media and their fact-checkers would have us believe, a coincidental apolitical gathering of high profile benevolent individuals. Even a cursory look at the main players will reveal they were mostly ideologically and politically joined at the hip, along with those organizations who sponsored and supported them, including the World Health Organization to which, coincidently, quite a few players were affiliated. The sponsors of Event 201 also share the same agenda, are "interlinked" and today in favour of experimental vaccination and whatever draconian measures are required to deliver them, as is clearly stated in this WHO document:


Mandatory vaccination should be considered only if it is necessary for, and proportionate to, the achievement of an important public health goal (https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/WHO-2019-nCoV-Policy-brief-Mandatory-vaccination-2021.1).


This of course is open to interpretation, depending on what governments consider "an important public health goal."


Event 201 sponsors were The John Hopkins University, the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum, all of whom had World Health Organization and United Nations operatives and collaborators in their ranks attending the Event.


The United Nations, by the way, have vaccine deployment coordinators in almost every country on earth, including Australia, where the most draconian, violent and forceful  lockdown measures in recent history are being implemented without so much as a squeak from  these deployment coordinators, the Human Rights Commission and  social, civic and criminal  justice agencies groups (un2.un.org/files/local_vaccine_deployment_coordinators.pdf).


The draconian measures being employed against the Australian people and elsewhere are not primarily due to corrupt governments, but because the sponsors of Event 201, whose conclusions were later to inform the world community, not only endorsed mandatory vaccination, which was in line with WHO recommendations, but Covid-19 Certificates (passports): (who.int/publications/i/item/WHO-2019-nCoV-Digital_certificates-vaccination-2021.1).


The idea of Event 201 was conceived by those organizations who sponsored it, with the support of the UN and the WHO, for the purpose of mapping the response of transnational corporations and governments to a coronavirus pandemic. Absent from the line-up of participants were expert medical and other corporate and organizational representatives opposed to or critical of the Event's global agenda. I will not go into great detail about all 15 world leaders who took part in the Event 201 simulation, suffice to say that they were part of an international left-wing corporate globalist elite.


Sofia Borges was the UN Foundation’s Vice President. Jane Halton has occupied a number of roles in global health governance, including as chair of the board of the World Health Organization. Hasti Taghi served as Vice-President of the Leftist "woke" and wealthy NBCUniversal Group, arguably the biggest entertainment and news reporting corporation on the face of the earth. She also leads strategic initiatives for the office, including partnerships with the World Economic Forum, who at their 2019 general meeting played host to climate change fanatic Greta Thunberg and were treated, amidst cheers and claps, to one of her "how dare you" climate doomsday performances. Chris Elias is President of the Global Development Program, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Matthew Harrington advises leaders of the world’s largest multinational corporations on corporate "positioning." Avril Haines served as National Security Advisor to President Barak Obama and was Deputy Director of the CIA. Adrian Thomas serves as Vice President of Global Public Health, at the giant Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical corporation which had a particular interest at the time in the development of synthetic, gene-altering Covid-19 vaccines.


Following the conclusions of Event 201, the John Hopkins Centre, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the UN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation outlined a set of detailed recommendations for world governments and multinational corporations, in other words, about how they should plan for what the Event 201 participants believed was the inevitability of a looming pandemic.


Uppermost among their concerns was that governments and private-sector corporations should prioritize the censorship of what they termed "mis and disinformation," (in other words, the dissemination of any knowledge or scientific studies that was critical of or disagreed with the Left agenda). They also urged both to "be prepared" and to simultaneously promote the development and surge manufacturing of synthetic vaccines. However, in terms of the plight of small and family businesses, which constitute the backbone of most national economies, the players and their backers offered no suggestions or strategies.




Weeks after Event 201 concluded the SARS-CoV-2 virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology which is owned and governed by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Evidence now strongly indicates that the Institute was involved in Gain-of-Function research (synthetic cellular manipulation), and evidence recently to hand proves that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves as Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and is a Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States concerning Covid-19 treatment strategies, "without a doubt, knew the National Institute of Health (NIH) granted funds for Gain-of-Function research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab" (Nation Review, August 4th, 2021). Fauci in a 2012 academic paper was a passionate advocate of such research "that genetically modifies pathogens" despite the fact that "the research involves altering a pathogen to make it more dangerous" (Daily Mail Aust, 29th May 2021).


Fauci was also at the time in contact with the major sponsors of Event 201, including the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation, and had regular chats with Bill Gates (www.cnbc.com/2021/02/11). In 2020 Fauci launched the John Hopkins University Health Policy Forum, and in his paper Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to COVID-19, he stated that the best way to fight pandemics and achieve cooperation "are by strengthening the United Nations and its agencies, particularly the World Health Organization:"


Living in greater harmony with nature will require changes in human behaviour as well as other radical changes that may take decades to achieve: rebuilding the infrastructures of human existence, from cities to homes to workplaces, to water and sewer systems, to recreational and gatherings venues. In such a transformation we will need to prioritize changes in those human behaviours that constitute risks for the emergence of infectious diseases. (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7428724/).


Clearly, we can see Fauci's links above to every organization that sponsored Event 201, and how his plan to "live in greater harmony with nature" resonates with the United Nations' Agenda 2030 "sustainable development" program and how Fauci, beyond his stated expertise, is also a self-professed social engineer and behavioural modificationist who wants to "rebuild the infrastructures of human existence."


Like most major left-wing projects, Event 201 participants and their cohorts made it clear that their grand plan would require no less than the complete subjugation of the human race, before the real work of addressing a pandemic, which would simultaneously involve a transition to renewable energy (solar and wind power) and a global economic "Great Reset", that just happened to be the primary objectives of the organizations who sponsored and were represented at Event 201.




We were also informed a little later that any future Covid pandemic would be the centrepiece, "an opportunity" as the Maoist leader of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed in a piece of contrived Marxist propaganda, just after the Wuhan virus was loosened on the world:


It’s time for the world to heal – from the ravages of this pandemic, and the geopolitical divisions that only drive us further into the chasm of an unhealthier, un-safer, and unfairer future”, he said.


The world has reached a fork in the road. We cannot afford to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at the same rate and still breathe clean air. We must choose. We cannot afford ever-deepening inequalities and expect continued peace and prosperity.


And we cannot afford to see health merely as a by-product of development, or a commodity that only the rich can afford”, he said . Today, we must choose health. We’re one big family. (news.un.org/en/story/2020/11/).


Comrade Tedros, by the way (who is not a medical doctor) before his WHO appointment, in his own country, Ethiopia, was a high-ranking member of the extreme left-wing Tigray People’s Liberation Front, accused of genocidal practices against its own people by human rights groups. "The Amhara Association of America’s latest investigation reveals TPLF militias have been undertaking a house-to-house operation of murdering ethnic Amhara residents" (reportontigraypeople27sliberationfront28tplf29waronamharapeople-july272c2021.pdf).

And here:

The head of Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church, Abune Mathias, recently condemned the ongoing armed conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region and the suffering it’s causing the civilian population. In a video message he was seen saying that “genocide is being committed now” (https://theconversation.com/genocide-in-ethiopia-why-answering-the-question-will-be-a-challenge-160872).

And here:


Over 200 civilians were killed in Afar including more than 100 children, according to UNICEF, and

300,000 displaced (dissidentvoice.org/2021/09/ethiopia-tplf-terrorism-expands-civilians-massacred/).


The TPLF was deemed by the US to be a “Tier III terrorist organization” until 1991. The TPLF is a radical Maoist-inspired political party, financed by the CCP. Ethiopia is in fact "China's bridgehead to influence Africa and a key to China’s Belt and Road Initiative there. Indeed, China has invested heavily in Ethiopia" (Breitbart/10 April 2020).


Tedros is also known for repeatedly parroting Chinese Communist Party talking points, constantly heaping praise on Beijing's response to coronavirus despite the fact that China hid the truth about its spread and viciously silenced scientists and doctors who tried to warn the world. By the way, China is the most polluted nation on the face of the earth and is involved in fracking and oil exploitation in many of the countries that have signed on to their Belt and Road Initiative:


The BRI is expected to facilitate Chinese energy firms’ delivery of even larger volumes from the region. Lu Ruquan, Director of the Strategic Development Department of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), affirmed this by stating that the BRI constitutes “oil roads”[4] through which energy resources will flow between the world’s major oil producers and China (https://www.mei.edu/publications/belt-and-road-initiative-gulf-building-oil-roads-prosperity).



The co-chairman of Event 201 was none other than Ryan Morhard, the extreme left-wing activist-director of Policy and Partnerships for Ginkgo Bioworks, an organization that "engineers" and "programs" cells and provides large scale testing and support for the development of synthetic vaccines for pharmaceutical companies like Johnston and Johnston. Before his involvement with Ginko Bioworks, Morhard was the leader of the World Economic Forum's work in relation to biological risks and public health emergencies. Morhard was also a team member of the left-wing corporate globalist think tank: The Council on Foreign Relations ( Segment 1 - Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion) 


In his opening Event 201 speech, he repeated a list of old left-wing mantras, telling his audience that the number of epidemic events was increasing, which he attributed to "climate change, urbanization, deforestation, rising sea levels" and other doomsday scenarios. He concluded his speech by saying that "we are in a new era of epidemic risk," and that "one of these days one of these epidemic events will be a pandemic...this pandemic would require," he continued, "an all hands on deck approach," in other words interlocking cooperation between big business and big government. He then solemnly concluded that the ''annualized risks of pandemic rivals with climate change, something that governments and big businesses can no longer afford to ignore."


After his speech, he screened a short World Health Organization Video, featuring Mike Ryan, Tedro's right-hand man and the Executive Director of WHO, who basically supported everything Morhard said and spoke of an "anticipated pandemic" and to my knowledge for the first time in human history used the phrase "the new normal," that "the scenario the group will be presented with today will most likely become a shared reality" and that much of the blame for it was "economic development." "I fully expect," he concluded, "that we will be confronted by a fast-moving, highly lethal pandemic. "What an absurd conclusion to draw about a virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan China! "Economic development?" – really?



Event 201 even had a top Communist Chinese medical official participating, who was linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where Covid-19 is said to have originated. The official in question was Dr. George Gāo Fú, Dean of the Savaid Medical School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) since 2015. It was CAS that established the dictatorship's first biosafety (BSL-4) laboratory in Wuhan, where Gāo Fú's research, especially influenza virus interspecies transmission was being studied. The construction of the Wuhan facility was completed on the 31 of January 2015, the same year Gāo Fú became Dean of the Medical School at CAS.


There is also evidence that Gāo Fú' is a long-term research partner of China's Military with whom he published many articles. Links to over a dozen of these articles can be found on The Citizens Commission on National Security website in an essay by Col. L. Sellin April 1, 2021 entitled: Yes, COVID-19 Was a Biological Attack by the CCP (https://ccnationalsecurity.org/yes-covid-19-was-a-biological-attack-by-the-chinese-communist-party/) Note: this link keeps getting erased by Google. To find the article, just type in "ccnationalsecurity.org" and when you enter the site, type in the date and  title of the article, and it will pop up. The article also has "links" to all the papers written by Dr Gāo Fú' for the Chinese Military:

Another CCP scientist linked to both the Chinese military and the highest levels of U.S. research programs is Dr. Gao Fu, also known as George F. Gao, a virologist and immunologist, who has served as Director of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC). In 2019, he was elected a foreign associate of the U.S. National Academy of Science and the U.S. National Academy of Medicine. Gao Fu is a research partner of China’s military with whom he published in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008a, 2008b, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014a, 2014b, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

One of the latest studies was published in The Lancet in February 2020 entitled Genomic Characterisation and Epidemiology of 2019 Novel Coronavirus: Implications for Virus Origins and Receptor Binding. The article acknowledges that funding came from the "National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Major Project for Control and Prevention of Infectious Disease in China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong First Medical University," all of whom have links to the Chinese Military and are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.


The fact that Gāo Fú' agreed to participate as a player in Event 201, in what as I have shown to be a highly partisan event, is a clear indication of where his political affiliations lie. He is no anti-CCP defector who has sought asylum in the West, but a high ranking member of the CCP itself.


I wonder why the "preparedness" Morhard, Ryan, Gāo Fú, and others were referring to during the course of Event 201 failed to acknowledge the collateral damage their "collective approach" would have on the working classes of the world (particularly the Western world)? It also seems that in the second year of this pandemic, Morhard and Johnston and Johnston's Adrian Thomas' miracle gene-altering synthetic vaccines are not behaving as they imagined – or perhaps they are!? - as Covid-19 and its so-called mutating strains are having an impact not only on the unvaccinated but mostly on the fully vaccinated.




In conclusion, the evidence presented in this essay strongly suggests that those disparate forces of the Left, despite marginal policy differences, support (by omission, propaganda or activism) the concept of rolling lockdowns, mandatory medical procedures, CCP inspired vaccine passports, the destruction of constitutional and individual rights and freedoms, enforced by increasingly oppressive government crackdowns on those who complain, question or refuse to comply, which together has inflicted almost immeasurable damage on nation-states in terms of their economies and life support systems.


This essay has also demonstrated the oneness of purpose and ideological interconnectedness of not only Event 201 participants but those organizations that sponsored the event and are in fact among the chief global policymakers when it comes to dealing with a coronavirus pandemic. The question that needs to be asked (when we consider the ideological objectives of these individuals and organizations) is this: would not the destruction of nation-states be in accord with these objectives along with their "economic development?" It certainly appears to be the case.


What is also apparent, is that the leading policymakers in the so-called fight against Covid-19, are more than what they appear to be. In other words, they are not just apolitical benevolent advisory bodies, but social engineers, and behavioural modificationists with an agenda, who, by their own words intend to use the Covid-19 pandemic to help enforce that agenda on the world, without asking anyone's permission. What is certain, is that the harm they are doing seems to be creating more victims than the pandemic itself, particularly in Western countries.


Did the participants in Event 201 and their sponsors consider the suffering and abuse their policies are inflicting, regretful but necessary collateral damage? Are they convinced, as was the contemporary Marxist strategist, Saul Alinsky, that it may be necessary for activists on all levels, from the executive board room to the street, to do Evil in order to combat Evil? (Rules for Radicals). And would such a feat of social engineering and behavioural modification, in the end, built upon the corpses of its victims, lead to the creation of a freer, more equitable, and just society? Was Event 201 a left-wing conspiracy? The answer to this last question as this article has illustrated, is a definite, yes!

© 2021 Eugene Alexander Donnini