We are trained Marxists...

 -- Patrisse Cullors (multi-millionaire

property developer and co-founder of BLM) *



         So far, 21 people have lost their lives during the BLM riots, most of whom were black Americans [1]. The latest victim was Secoriea Turner, an 8-year-old girl shot dead by a Marxist radical at a BLM riot in Atlanta on Saturday the 4th of July 2020.  She was shot near Wendy’s restaurant where Rayshard Brooks was killed during a skirmish with police on June the 12th [2]. The girl was riding in a car with her mother and a friend when they sought to turn into a parking lot, blocked by a rabble of screaming BLM rioters, many of whom were armed [3]. This shooting was merely one of many black on black killings, which are far in excess of any white on black killings by the police or white people.


An article in Townhall examined 600 black on black killings in six major cities in six weeks [4] and the decisions of Democrat city mayors to almost simultaneously defund their police forces:


BLM isn’t a movement as much as it is a political and fundraising arm, founded by neo-Marxists and currently aligned with the Democratic Party. BLM sees no percentage in pressuring big-city mayors to stop street violence. Its outrage is select and reserved for white police officers who kill unarmed black men (13 July 2020) [5]


It should also be noted by any person who genuinely cares about black lives mattering and the truth, that several of the 600 people killed since the beginning of July 2020, were innocent black American children killed by other black Americans:


Carson Walker, 4 years, of Galivants Ferry.

Jace Young, 6 years old, of San Francisco.

Natalia Wallace, 7 years old, of Chicago.

Royta Giles, Jr., 8 years old, of Hoover.

Secoriea Turner, 8 years old, of Atlanta.

Davon McNeil, 11 years old, Washington.

Makeliah Osorno, 11 years old, of Delano.

Elayna Saidee, 12 years old (address not given).


Clearly, the gunning down of Secoriea Turner by a BLM radical is not even a splash in the pan when it comes to black on black murders and shootings, which in relation to the above figures alone, as we shall see, are astronomically in excess of white on black killings, let alone those carried out by the police [6].


There are similarities between the violence of totalitarian mobs and organizations today and in the past - be they Left or Right - especially their propensity to deceive, not only their naïve followers but the world at large, in relation to what they stand for and what they hope to achieve [7].


So, what else are BLM and the corporate media lying about? Almost everything! When you financially support BLM most of the money you donate goes into the coffers of the Democratic Party [8]. The Democrats have used BLM in the past leading up to election time in an effort to get more black voters. But as the history of democratic controlled states and cities have illustrated, they have done nothing to improve the lives of black Americans, in fact, their policies have only exacerbated many of the problems. As Vince Ellison noted:


The Democrat Party uses racism to subdue and control black Americans, not eradicate racism to institute justice. Ending racism would end the Democrats’ stranglehold on Black America. [9]

Most reasonable people, of whatever racial hue, would support the idea of restructuring the police force to prevent police brutality. But BLM and the Democrats have taken the matter further. They want to defund and abolish the police and promote the idea that the police have a race-based vendetta against black Americans for no other reason than the colour of their skin because police killings and assaults against black Americans they say are disproportional and racially motivated. All this, they would like us to believe, stems from white privilege. Therefore, people born with white skin are Ipso facto, as guilty as the police, and of course, must pay reparations. In fact, America as an idea is guilty and must be destroyed [10]. But how true are these accusations?


Let's start with the George Floyd case and a bit of background information. Firstly, Floyd was a criminal, with a string of minor and major convictions dating back more than a decade, culminating in an aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. This occurred when he and three other black men forced their way into the home of a pregnant black American woman. Floyd held her at gunpoint and pushed the barrel of his "unregistered" pistol into the woman's abdomen, threatening the life of her baby whilst demanding drugs and money [11]. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Floyd was a professional criminal whose past actions demonstrated that he cared nothing for the lives and wellbeing of other black Americans, especially women.


Hennepin County medical examiners released a toxicology report on June 2nd, 2020 which stated that George Floyd was severely intoxicated at the time of his death with Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, traces of cannabinoids, and morphine. However, these were not considered the principal factors behind Floyd’s death. Fentanyl is a Schedule II morphine substitute anesthetic/analgesic. It is reported to be 80 to 200 times as potent as morphine and has a rapid onset of action as well as addictive properties [12].


The narrative promoted by the corporate media and BLM is that the Floyd killing was one of many disproportionate white cops on black suspect killings which were all, racially motivated. This is blatantly and provably untrue, and as we shall see, is just fear-mongering for political advantage:


The false narrative claims that individual police officers, motivated by overt racism or implicit racial bias, are rampantly targeting black Americans. Some go further to allege these shootings are proof of “systemic racism” within American law enforcement. Nonstop broadcast of the anti-police message by radical activists, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, academics, and most mainstream media outlets have made this myth pervasive. The myth, and the powerful voices who perpetuate it, are rarely challenged - even by law enforcement leaders. The result has been fear, distrust, hatred of the police, and a breakdown of the rule of law [13].

It is interesting to note that two police officers at the scene who were charged with lesser offenses, were of Asiatic and Middle Eastern appearance. What we can deduce inconclusively from the evidence so far, is that police officer Derek Chauvin illegally used excessive force. Secondly, that all the officers involved were summoned by a victim to the scene of a crime allegedly committed by Floyd, who was drunk and attempting to exchange counterfeit money [14]. The incident involving Chauvin may have had the same results if the alleged criminal was white, Asian, or Hispanic. The police officers whose actions caused and aided the death of George Floyd, all deserve to be punished if found guilty. The accountability of the police in general also needs to be more thoroughly scrutinized and the colour of their skin should not be a factor [15]. All things considered, to hold up George Floyd as a martyr figure conveys the wrong impression about who he really was and how much he didn't care about the well-being of other black Americans.

The second case that caused a wave of outrage, arson, riots, and looting is the death of Rayshard Brooks, whom BLM has also made into a blameless martyr. But this time the police were not at fault. There is no evidence that suggests otherwise, apart from media bias and outraged leftist mobs. Brookes is portrayed as an average family man and a loving father. But that is not who he was. Brookes was a violent career criminal who had charges of cruelty to children (abuse), battery on a family member, false imprisonment, theft, receiving stolen goods, interference with custody, obstruction of an officer, and other misdemeanors. Brookes was not a good person. On the night he died, he was on probation, drove drunk, resisted arrest, assaulted two police officers, stole a taser, used that taser on a policeman, the first shot narrowly missing the policeman's head. Before assaulting the police officers and attempting to escape, the interaction between Brookes and the officers was mutually respectful, and at no time before or after Brookes attempted escape was there any indication that this was a racially motivated police shooting [16].


If the argument of BLM, the corporate media and their supporters is that black Americans are disproportionately targeted by police officers, then you would expect evidence of that in terms of killings. But there isn't any! As the latest statistics from Statista demonstrate, the amount of whites shot by police is more than double that of blacks [17].


As Heather McDonald points out:

In 2019 police officers fatally shot 1,004 people, most of whom were armed or otherwise dangerous. African-Americans were about a quarter of those killed by cops last year (235), a ratio that has remained stable since 2015. That share of black victims is less than what the black crime rate would predict since police shootings are a function of how often officers encounter armed and violent suspects. In 2018, the latest year for which such data have been published, African-Americans made up 53% of known homicide offenders in the U.S. and commit about 60% of robberies, though they are 13% of the population [18].


Other studies support these findings. The 2017 Moody Report for example found "the probability of an unarmed black suspect being killed by a white police officer is greater than the probability of a black suspect being killed by a black police officer"[19].

In a 2017 Harvard report entitled An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force, black American Harvard scholar Roland G. Fryer Jr. concluded:

On the most extreme use of force-officer-involved shootings – we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account [20].


There are also dozens of accounts of black and other non-white police officers gunning down or killing unarmed white people in just as horrific a manner as George Floyd was killed. Justine Damond was shot in the stomach and killed at point-blank range by Mohamed Noor, a Muslim police officer after she called 911 for assistance. She had no criminal record [21]. In 2015, Zachary Hammond was shot by a police officer, when attempting to escape in his car. He was unarmed and was pulled over for a minor Marijuana arrest [22]. Tony Timpa pleaded for his life as police officers pinned him down - knees and neck to the ground - as they beat and mocked him. On November 3, 2015, a father and his six-year-old son were shot dead by two black American police officers. The father was not behaving aggressively towards the officers [23].

Black Lives Matter says the reason blacks are targeted by "racist" white police in plague proportions is because of white privilege - which is not the case. If they were, then white-on-black crime would be up, and the number of white-on-black killings would be astronomical! But the opposite is true. 2018, US Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey 2018 (done by Rachel E. Morgan, PhD., and Barbara A. Oudekerk, Ph.D., BJS Statisticians) show in all cases that white people constitute the majority of victims. Black-on-white crime is way in excess of the white-on-black crime. In 2018 there were 547, 948 cases of black-on-white crime, and 59, 778 of white-on-black crime. If you add the Hispanic total it comes to 365, 299 which makes a grand total of 913, 247. So the combined total of black and Hispanic crime against white people was almost four times as high! [24].

New Century Foundation is an organization founded in 1994 to study immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America’s increasing diversity. Perhaps the most important publication of NCF is "The Colour of Crime", a report on differences in crime rates by race bias in the justice system, and interracial crime. First published as a monograph in 1999 and updated and expanded in 2005 and 2016 [25].


If you go to the Black Lives Matter website the first thing you'll notice is a feature page entitled “What We Believe.” The article has little or no relevance to the black community with a focus on fringe issues that are expounded in emotive Marxist jargonize. “Collective freedom” “comrades,” who together are "making space" for their transgender “brothers and sisters”, “dismantling cisgender privilege, free from environments that impact on black trans folk who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.” In fact, the article's primary focus is on transgender issues! It tells us that BLM wants to “build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are cantered.” BLM believes the nuclear family is “Western-prescribed” which they want to “disrupt” and get rid of. In the context of which they tell us they want to


foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of hetero-normative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise)” [26].

Are these real issues when it comes to the black community and black families? Of course not! What you will notice about the BLM document above is that there is little if any space given to real issues. For example, the skyrocketing statistics that I've already provided in relation to black-on-black murder, homicide, and other crimes. No mention also of the devastating impact single mother and fatherless families have on child-rearing:


More than one-third of all Black children in the United States under the age of 18 live with unmarried mothers—compared to 6.5 percent of White children. The figures reflect a general trend: During the 1960-2016 period, the percentage of children living with only their mother nearly tripled from 8 to 23 percent and the percentage of children living with only their father increased from 1 to 4 percent. Social scientists have long espoused the benefits for children who live in two-parent homes, including economic, educational, health, and other advantages [27].


The BLM document says nothing about the destructive influence illicit drugs and alcohol addiction have on the black community [28] [29]. Nor the impact mass abortion factories have on future generations of black Americans [30]. Then we have the poor academic record of black American kids [31]. What about the glorification of violence, guns, drug use, and the abuse of women that form much of the content of black rap and "gangsta" anti-music noise? [32]. How does this hypnotic, cacophony promote disharmony, disrespect, and criminal behaviour in the black community?  - is a question any organization that is seriously concerned about black lives should be asking.

They would rather embrace identity politics (anti-white racism) and a whole range of extreme left-wing issues that, in the real world, have little or no impact on black communities whatsoever! They would rather blame people with a lighter skin shade for their problems and demand reparations - for past slavery - notwithstanding the fact that these people (who come from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds) were not around during the time of slavery...the great majority of whom migrated to America after fleeing from totalitarian regimes, of the kind the BLM Marxists would again like to impose on the world!


The BLM article goes on to say that it is a globalist movement; that the idea of starting such a movement came after the death of Treyvon Martin: “Enraged by the death of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent acquittal of his killer, George Zimmerman.” They described Martin's death as “state-sanctioned violence and anti-Black racism.” Since the death of Martin was the pivotal event that inspired the formation of the BLM movement, and ground zero for the downward spiral of race relations in America, the reader may be thinking that such a death must have indeed been a cruel and terrible crime. But was it? There has been meticulous work done on the Martin case by investigative journalist and filmmaker Joel Gilbert which revealed witness fraud with the help of forensic handwriting and DNA tests [33].


But the plot thickens. Was Martin the innocent little freckle-faced teenager as portrayed by mainstream media, who was shot dead by Zimmerman, a white racist, because he hated blacks? No. Were Zimmerman's actions an example of state-sanctioned violence and anti-black racism? No. So, who is Zimmerman? For a start, Zimmerman is a white/Hispanic half-caste who has black African blood on his mother's side. He doesn't even look white:

Why are they calling him white, wondered Paul Ebert, the Prince William County commonwealth's attorney who knew Zimmerman's mother, Gladys, from her days as an interpreter at the county courthouse? Zimmerman's mother, Ebert knew, was Peruvian, and he thought of her as Hispanic [34].

Further, his actions against Martin were not "state-sanctioned violence." Zimmerman was a voluntary neighbourhood watch guard - in his own gated community - in an area that was crime-infested. Evidence was presented at Zimmerman's trial that the accused resented how in his conversation with a police dispatch unit these "Fucking punks. These assholes, they always get away..." What this demonstrated was that Zimmerman wasn't concerned about the race of the punks, but the fact they kept getting away with crimes. Although the prosecutor attempted to prove that this was a racially motivated crime, the evidence, overwhelmingly, did not support that accusation.


When confronted by Zimmerman, Martin attacked him. How this could be construed as an unprovoked white racist attack on an innocent black youth makes no sense. The fact that Zimmerman had sustained serious injuries to his face and head substantiated his story and other eye-witness accounts [35]. The verdict of "not guilty" triggered an explosion of emotive reactions, driven by Marxist activists - i.e. professional liars - Hollywood celebrities and mainstream corporate news media networks [36].


Trayvon Martin was a tall, muscular former athlete. He was in Sanford, Florida at the time because he had been suspended from school - not the first time - for ten days after being caught in possession of burglary tools and jewellery stolen from a break-in near his school! [37]. The truth is: If Martin had just walk to his father's house; if he hadn't sucker-punched Zimmerman, jumped on top of him, and beat his head into the pavement, he would still be alive today, regardless of the colour of his skin. It's hard to believe that this incident was the catalyst for the formation of the BLM movement. A total beat-up!




"Only in America," was an oft-used phrase that referred to an enlightened nation where the poor and underprivileged could acquire wealth and status through hard work and devotion, to the point where they themselves could become leaders and cultural trendsetters. And nowhere is this as evident as in the black American community, where those who were once held in bondage as slaves, are now in positions of leadership occupying many of the most important jobs in the nation.


Since 1870 there have been thousands of black American politicians elected into office, including to the highest most powerful positions: Two Secretaries of State a  vice President and a President!

There is also a staggering number of black American Mayors and Police Chiefs [38]. In terms of Hollywood movies and actors, black Americans dominate our TV and movie screens. The 2021 Oscar Award nominations and winners are proof of that - many of whom were black Americans!

The leader of the greatest human rights movement in human history was Martin Luther King, a black American. Since black Americans comprise only 13% of the population their achievements have been outstanding and far in excess of most other minorities (including many white cultures) which is an expression of their genius and individuality. Black Americans excel in the music industry - they have defined it for almost two centuries! Many of America's greatest poets, artists, and writers have been black Americans. Without the input and contributions of black Americans, there would be no America or American culture.


To claim that America is a systemically white racist country whose police forces deliberately target black Americans is an absurd statement that runs contrary to all credible evidence.







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